• 2011 2012
    Start up period
    Our founders start to build the company. Most of them were still finishing their study. Still have no plan to expand rapidly but have been dreaming to create a international brand.
    First time event,
    Trademark (Bandung) & Brightspot (Jakarta)
    Trademark and brightspot market are some of the first event we particiate. Surprisingly, consumers respond was beyond our expectations.
    Adios serigrafia 1st collection release
    Our featured collection “the adios serigrafia” was release. It’s a graphic tee with embroidery technique. The first edition we graph a picture of Mohammad Hatta ( Indonesian former vice president ) and apply it to our tees.
  • 2013
    Nordhenbasic Flagship
    Store Grand Opening
    The first Nordhenbasic flagship store is open in June 2013. Located in Bahureksa 20, Bandung, right at center of the city.
    Nordhen Manufacturing established
    Two months after the flagship store opening, we decided to established our production facilities. We called it “nordhen manufacturing”. Our purpose is to ensure and maintain our product quality at its best.
    Nordhen Manufacturing goes to Brightspot and Trademark
    In each event we participate, we always try to apply thematic design. In conjunction with our new division, we decided to bring the nordhen manufacturing concept to our booth. We installed sewing machine and give a customized t shirt service. The crowd is quite excited with this promotional way.
  • 2014
    Seasonal collection release.
    Rain 14 / 15
    We explore new kind of product category, We called it “seasonal collection”. We use dry and rain theme in each year. We usually collab with other party such as designers to create certain product that suit with the theme and weather condition.
    Kickstart of our annual conceptual event.
    Starting this year, we emphasize our promotional campaign by creating a thematic event especially for mid year and end year sale. For 2015 the thematic evant called Jagwonderwerk and Mr Moor.
  • 2015
    Dry 2015 : Geometry & Board- ing room
    In 2015, we launched our latest seasonal collection called Dry 2015 : Geometry. We collab with an architect to create clothes that suit with the taste and the person’s habit. To support this seasonal collection, we create a product launching event that we called “Boarding room”. In this event we invite our stakeholders to experience our this Geometry collection. The show including fashion presentation, pre sale offering, and bbq nite.
    Conceptual event : Eidklappar, & QC Laboratory
    Continuing our annual promotional event, in 2015 we created 2 thematic event which are Eidklappar and QC Laboratory. Eidklappar is our interpretation of celebrating Eid Fitri in Scandinavian area. While QC laboratory is our program to introduct the QC stages in our production facilities. Our goals is to make people realize about the value of our product.
  • 2016
    It’s been 5 years since our founder regroup and starting this business. Some people says it’s the right time to recap what we’ve done so far. From that idea, we present you the NN Journey. A piece of our story that we want to show you.

    Hopefully, we will always give the best of us for every customers in the future.
  • 2017
    2016 year end sale campaign. This campaign is an extension of our previous campaign, the NN Journey. We are making another Instagram photo contest to end the program. We are giving out 3 vouchers for the best photos & stories winners as well as special gifts for all the participants.