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Babakan Siliwangi

While some of you might be out of town, we decide to explore our own city. Luckily, our city has many interesting places that we can visit.
We decide to go to the city forest. The focal point of this forest is the hanging bridge. As we walk through the bridge, we get to enjoy the scenery and breath the much needed fresh air.
How about you guys? What’s your plan for the weekend?

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The Land of White Elephant

This time we’re going to share some photos from our trip to Thailand, a country in South East Asia.
This was our first time here so upon arrival we were confused due to the lack of English used in the Airport. Nonetheless, we were still very excited since this made the trip even more adventurous

The things that we like about this country :

The cultures. There are a lot of customs that are totally different from ours. It was also interesting to learn about the values and philosophies behind the cultures. Learning new things is always exciting!

The food. The country has a long list of delicious food. Trying the original Thai tea is definitely a must!

The architecture. The cultural buildings are alluring because of the unique details they possess. The men who built them must had great skills and went through great lengths to build them.

That is a short story about our trip. How about you guys? We would to hear your unique stories about Thailand.
Have a great weekend!
Back again with NN Journal session!

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Panda Selecta

Good Evening!
It’s another series of NN journal!. Now We’re gonna talk about a band from Bandung. Please welcome @selectapanda.
We’re interested to talk with them since we have seen their full band set performance. FYI, they usually only play dj set. So it’s
interesting to see how they play their songs in a full band set.

So after having a small talk with them, here are some facts you might wanna know :

We know that they are designers on daily basis. We asked them to choose between those two jobs and their answer is “designers and musician also”.

Their plan ahead now is digging the full band set concept. They also told us the idea of collaborating with other music instruments. Including some traditional ones such as kendang or other sundanese music instrument.

We found some interesting fact about their band name. We just knew that their name is also a sub brand of car manufacturer. The funny thing is, initially they also didn’t know about it too. Since there are any negative feedback about the name, they just get along with it.

They want to be a panda if they can be reincarnated.

Final question for them is, what is the best time to listen to their songs? Their answer is ” In the afternoon while driving your vehicles. ”
Well if you guys are interested to hear their tunes, just visit their instagram and dig deeper about them.
Thanks @selectapanda for having us. See you in another gigs. Enjoy your chilled Sunday!

Original artwork by @selectapanda
Track on this post : M.ono & Luvless – Never Gonna Leave You
Track on this post is a part of a mixtape created by the band. We’ll try to upload all the list soon, maybe via our spotify account. Thanks for sharing your mix too guys!

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Moustache and Beard

Bandung never ceases to amaze us with its music scene. Let us introduce you to our newest folk obsession “Mustache and Beard”.
All six members of the band strive to make their creative independent music more acceptable for broader audiences.
Their first album “Manusiaku, Manusiamu, Manusianya” consists of chill music with “play-on-words” lyrics inspired by the many interesting aspects of life.
Listen to their single “Sang Penawar” to ease your mind off the stressful week you had.