Our Story

We are Nordhenbasic. A men fashion line from Indonesia. Founded in 2011 by a group of friends in Bandung, a city which well known as a center for creative & fashion acts in the region.

We saw opportunities on growing fashion demand in Indonesia. The needs of high quality product for daily people activities. Nordhenbasic offering simplicity and casual style that suit for almost every occasion.

Our products is a combination between high quality material, a detail manufacturing process, and local resources. Nordhenbasic believes a good process will resulting a high quality product. These are some things We always keep in our mind.

  •  Based on our research, 100% cotton fabric is the best material to maximize comfortness. That’s why we always use it on every nordhenbasic product.
  • We pay more attention to the production process. Starts from selecting raw material, creating a systematic manufacturing process and the quality control stages. We’re developing our own manufacturing facilities called nordhen manufacturing. To ensure the production is always under control.
  • We believe that this country have a lot of great suppliers with high quality products and talents to support our industries. Therefore we buy raw material from local manufacturers and hire local talent to fulfill positions in our manufacturing facilities. Slowly but sure, we want to contribute more to local society.

As a final statement from us, we have a special words for you. Hapiness is not expensive, it’s something valuable.


Nordhenbasic team