The Land of White Elephant

This time we’re going to share some photos from our trip to Thailand, a country in South East Asia.
This was our first time here so upon arrival we were confused due to the lack of English used in the Airport. Nonetheless, we were still very excited since this made the trip even more adventurous

The things that we like about this country :

The cultures. There are a lot of customs that are totally different from ours. It was also interesting to learn about the values and philosophies behind the cultures. Learning new things is always exciting!

The food. The country has a long list of delicious food. Trying the original Thai tea is definitely a must!

The architecture. The cultural buildings are alluring because of the unique details they possess. The men who built them must had great skills and went through great lengths to build them.

That is a short story about our trip. How about you guys? We would to hear your unique stories about Thailand.
Have a great weekend!
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